Isn T Fat It's Fabulous Book Report

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This book report is about "This Book Isn't Fat, It's fabulous" by Nina Beck and it was published by Point, an imprint of Scholastic Inc. It's a realistic fiction book the stars, Riley, D, Marley, and Eric. It all starts with Riley's letters to various important people, like ceos and stuff like that. Then, it goes into the story. Riley's talking about her best friend, Micheal "D", and what she dislikes about her body. Sorry I that I don't go into detail, because I need to finish this soon. What? I'm not just adding things so I can get five sentences! How dare you think of me that way. I'm appalled. Anyway, she was talking about her body and what she liked about it and what she didn't. Then the story moves the Riley at a party. At the party, Riley kind of grossly makes out with Marley's crush. By the way,…show more content…
Turns out that she doesn't like him as much as she thought she did. Time skip and it's the day Riley's leaving to go to the "fat camp." She tell D and Marley that's she going to a spa in upstate New York to cover up where she's actually going. She manged to fool D and trick Marley for a bit. Of course she missed the train so she's waiting for a ride. While waiting, she meets an odd boy named Eric. She feels likes she needs to get to know him. Another time skip since it gets a bit boring, and basically she gets on the bad side of Eric's ex, she falls for Eric and Eric falls for her, She tries to leave the food camp by staging an eat-in, Eric's girlfriend bushed her, Eric is upset because Riley was going to leave without telling him, and the cutest ending happened. I'd rather not spoil the ending because it was just too awesome and cute. Honestly, I kind of like this book. Even though when I picked it up I thought it'd be different... I'm not actually sure if I'd reccommened this book to anybody... It're more of a "read if you want and I have know idea either"
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