Israel and the United Nations

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1. When Israel joined the UN in 1948, they did not agree with the resolution (194) that all Palestinian refugees from the war had the right to return back to their homes and receive compensation for their losses. Israel managed to exclude the UN from the politics of the issue and there was tension amongst Arab states. The US was in full support of Israel as they helped aid advanced planes and missiles. The violations of international laws resulted the UN circle having great anger towards Israel. The UN thus then passed resolutions against Israel, which the US obviously does not support, for various violations of international laws. After the disputes, the State of Israel started to cooperate accordingly and now holds annual meetings, at the United Nations, with other Middle-east states for debates and resolutions. (Bennis, 2001: 1). In terms of peacekeeping, the state of Israel’s mission shows the promotion of international peace, prosperity, and security through the UN institutions (Israel diplomatic network). It is said that Israel has a high sense for the promotion of humanitarian awareness and responsibility. Israel is known to always be there for the protection and survival human beings, e.g. “Israel’s 200 strong relief team was the first on the scene in January 2010 after the earthquake hit Haiti”. Israel also provides staple, medical services and educational equipment, which are supplied by the UNHWRA (The UN Refugee Works Agency), for Gaza and most especially to the
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