Issues in Teaching Writing

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Writing proves daily to be a tool one can use in their own way to express themselves. Many teachers have their own approaches to teaching writing and not to say that they are not effective I just feel that if some people change their approach some of the problems I myself see can be changed by a change in the approach to teaching and assessing writing. Some issues I see are students not being exposed to different styles of writing, their writing assignments challenge their knowledge and remembrance instead of their analytical and critical thinking skills, and the way teachers assess writing. These problems are pretty I love writing and I have had good and bad experiences with teachers of writing. I believe one issue in the teaching of…show more content…
Being able to address audiences across cultures, genders, and ages should be a crucial lesson taught. Writing for the audience gives the written work a structure. In many language arts classes language is taught as the structure of literature. Language is often taught to students as a system of communication instead of a tool of expression. “The aim of the growth model, in contrast, was to build on the child’s previous mastery of language, to develop her ability to shape experience into words, to connect disparate events and ideas. What was need to make work in English more pointed and coherent hen, was not a more complete understanding of the structure of literature or linguistics but a better grasp of how students learn to make full and expressive use of language.” (Harris 13) There is a difference and language can act as one or the other given the situation. Language as a system means the combination of many things to form something bigger. The system is almost a mock of the ways things are to be written, again taking away the creative freedom of the student. In writing, language as a system is only the combination of known uses of language. When we use language as a tool it allows the writer to use words to build their own system. With the taught fundamentals the students should be able to write in the formation they compose instead of mimicking the strict boundaries imposed by the instructor. This poses to be
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