It Is Difficult to Remain a Bystander in Any Situation of Conflict

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In Conflict there are those who choose to sit on the side and ignore or turn a blind eye to the situation at hand. Bystanders that do so are often overpowered by the pressures of conflict and are forced to take part in the conflict or create another further complicating the matters involved. When a Bystanders values and opinions are challenged indirectly they generally shrug the opposing value and opinion off, ignoring the actions or words that have challenge them, but an individual can only do this for so long, quickly falling into the pit of conflict. During the Course of conflict there are also individuals that crumble to the persistent clashes, which can lead to one being so overwhelmed that they must choose a new path in order to…show more content…
If an individual chooses not to stay in that clash, they lead themselves on another path which can ultimately create a new conflict, an example of this may be from the character Dick from the novel ‘The secret River’ where he finds himself unable to withstand the actions of his father, and chooses to detach himself from his family, creating conflict with his father but remaining a bystander in the conflict against the aboriginals, Hence why it is often difficult to remain a bystander in any situation of conflict. Although some are overwhelmed by the pressures of conflict and choose to create a new path that better suits one’s values or just simply fall into the trap of conflict, there are some that choose to join certain situations in order to keep the things they value the most. A perfect example of this would be the character William Thornhill from the novel ‘The Secret River’ who in order to save, Sal his beloved wife and his newly acquired land joins the group of farmers on a mission to exterminate the aboriginals, after so many years of trying to live side by side these so called ‘Savages’ which most farmers call them. Hence the reason it is often difficult to remain a bystander in under the pressures of conflict.

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