It Is Not A Simple Process To Write Down Exactly How I

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It is not a simple process to write down exactly how I feel about what has impacted me the most in high school. It is not a simple thing to focus on the one thing that has truly made an impact in my life. High school has been a painting for me. Freshmen year, I laid down the base colors, nothing too exciting, I was just getting a feel for what I was about to create. Sophomore year, I developed more colors; I had basic shapes laid out and a relative idea of what I wanted to make. Junior year is when I added the colors that made my high school experience what it was that far, I knew where I was going as a junior, I had a purpose. Senior year, I am finishing, refining, and polishing my masterpiece. I critique my mistakes, I emphasize the good …show more content…

A major chunk of my learning is English, especially writing. I have always loved writing and have always wanted to improve. I chose to take classes that would improve all aspects of my writing. In newspaper, I learned how to write to appeal to people while remaining unbiased. In my English classes, I have learned to write with emotions and to capably reign in a thought. I have also improved greatly on my grammar skills because of English classes. In We the People I have learned another form of writing. This is a research based class. I learned to take the ideas and the beliefs that make me and to support them by facts, quotes and philosophers. It isn’t about filling a paper with words; it’s about using the bare minimum of the words that I want to say. All three of these styles of writing are unique and require certain skills, looking back on my writing journey; I have no regret for the hard work I have put in. Another part of me that I have worked on and made time for is the relationships with my friends, family, and teachers and students at the high school. I have found that friendship and love are something that you cannot necessarily receive if you do not put in the time and effort into them. It takes work to interact with others; it isn’t something that has always come natural for me. The relationships I build now will forever change the rest of my life. A major part of time management is prioritizing and considering what is important. There must be time

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