It Isn T Pretty But Is It Art Diana Mack Analysis

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“It Isn’t pretty…But Is It Art?” is an article written by Diana Mack, an affiliate scholar at the New York-based Institute for American Values. Mack talks about some public disputes that revolved around popular works of literary and art such as the Harry Potter and Picardo Venus, as well as her opinions that center around “the question of what makes a good work of art.” Mack explains that art works carrying “a serious tone of death, hate…and…evil” but not carrying “publicly reflect(ed) community standards of taste, decency, and respect for religious faith” are constantly criticized and sometimes banned. Clearly felt throughout the article through her tone and statements, Mack’s main point is that individuals should not reject or criticize an art work that seem “alien and unappealing.” To prove her main point, Mack informs the audience about issues surrounding controversial art work and her own reasoning and opinions concerning …show more content…

An example of logos is when she states, “Chris Ofili, painter of the Sensation exhibition’s much maligned Holy Virgin Mary, claims that Mr. Giuliani (New York Mayor) falsely assigned deprecatory motives to his work.” Another example is the image of Holy Virgin Mary included in the article. Images, especially for visual learners like me, are helpful and attention grabbing. As for ethos, Mack does not mention her experience or authority to write about this topic, but she does an excelling job at qualifying all claims reasonably, such as “…Picardo Venus? Must she be rejected… Did not Botticelli’s immortal The Birth of Venus also glorify fertility?”, improving her trustworthiness. Although Mack includes both logos and ethos, she lacks the pathos appeals. She is concentrated on reasoning and proving that she does not seem to consider persuading her audience through emotions. This lack of pathos does not affect her article because her logos and ethos are very well

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