It’S Said That The Universe Will Tend To Move Toward A

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It’s said that the universe will tend to move toward a state with a higher entropy. Every gas molecules will spontaneously diffuse to fill a container which will increase the overall entropy of the universe. Evolution is then can be thought to follow this same basic principle. Nature has given every species living in it an indefinite amount of time which allows them to evolve. Ergo, for over three billion years, some of the single cell organisms had been successfully evolving into the numerous multicellular organisms that we know of today, us included; and some, who were not able to improve within the given time, would be exterminated (Darwin 120). But, what is it that she has been eager to see through this long-lasting experiment of …show more content…

Although this is not a closed circuit, some energy is dissipated, some is added; but it is a sustained circuit (Leopold 43). This similar instance was also explained in Darwin’s theory as the struggle for life for every species. In Darwinian theory, the struggle for life does not only represent the species’ struggle to survive, but it also reflected on the idea that each individual is interdependent with one another. A mistletoe seedling, for example, is said to struggle with each other if they grow close to one another. And if a “mistletoes is disseminated by birds, its existence [now] depends on birds” (Darwin 109). The struggle for existence that Darwin explain is then similar to the flow of energy explained by Leopold. The seed that is disseminated by birds becomes the container for the transfer of the energy from the sun. That energy would then be dissipated as work for the bird to fly from one place to another, if not the energy would be transferred to yet another organism. Thus, this seems as if evolution acts on every species with the thought of a certain ethics that the species must followed which formed a strict system. Further continuation of the theory comes from their explanation about the goal of evolution—“to elaborate and diversify the biota

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