Essay on Italy in World War II

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Italy in World War II

World War II, which only lasted about five years, changed the course of history forever, and affected millions of lives. Among the major nations that were involved in the war, Benito Mussolini and his Italian army sought to settle their differences with many nations. Benito’s fascist views, his idea of a nation built by one race, and his relationship with Adolf Hitler ultimately led to his involvement in the war. His responsibility, in essence, was to ally himself with the superpowers of the world, and lead his people into a war that they could not fight.

"Il Duce", (the leader), was the name that Benito Mussolini gave himself as his rise to power in Italy continued. He led the people of Italy with the mind …show more content…

He won over the people of Italy using the same techniques and imagery that Hitler used in his homeland. The fascist ideas, and idea of an ultimate Italian empire, appealed to Mussolini, and he would stop at nothing to gain power.

Along with the Fascist Party, came the idea of a "perfect" race of man, and persecution. Hitler’s idea of a non-Jewish race appealed to Mussolini. Before the war began, Benito Mussolini and his army started their persecution of the Jews in Italy. This did not last long, however, because Mussolini’s popularity began to fall. As his popularity among his people began to decline, so did his relations with many European nations. Much of Italy’s foreign relations depended solely on treaties and pacts. (5) As Germany and Italy moved together towards a uniform society, the strength and honor of the treaties were in jeopardy.

As the war broke out in Europe in 1940, Mussolini did his best to stay away from the fighting. He preached to his people that his army was ready to fight in the war, and was prepared to defend himself, and conquer land for his country. (6) Benito Mussolini’s main objective in the war was to gain land, and claim the land for Italy. His idea was to create the ultimate empire, and rule over millions of people. "As World War II approached, Mussolini announced his intention of annexing Malta, Corsica, and Tunis." (7) His intentions increased as he captured Albania in April of 1939. His rise to the

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