Ivf Persuasive Essay

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40 and older only an average of 15% successful rate. When putting the mother in danger many effects can go through their mind as trying to conceive again can be questioned where all the money sent is at lost and now have to restart the process. Age plays a huge factor when going through the cycles. It is often that after so many years trying to naturally conceive, many people have given up and gone for the IVF treatment. IVF treatment takes several cycles as well as the years have. Couples have probably gotten up to 6 cycles, whereas every appointment can take up to half a year or more. Studies have shown that patients who were at least 40 years and older, their corresponding live birth rate decreased to about 42% and 23% (Williams, Singer, …show more content…

Adopting a child can help save someone in need. Most kids in foster homes were either abandoned or brought to this world by parents who weren’t financially stable yet. Although many complications can also occur with surrogates, in Vancouver a woman who agreed on having a baby to an infertile friend is suing the clinic because she claims that one of her donated eggs was used to implant and help impregnate her friend without her consent (Rankin, 2017). In, “Another Woman gave birth to my child’: surrogate sues fertility clinic” explains how surrogates cannot be paid for their services. The woman whose name isn’t described gave up her rights but feels as the clinic did her wrong. She explains how betrayed to have to mentally go through a situation where someone can be betrayed for using someone’s eggs without consent. IVF can be used for multiple pregnancies and as long as doctors have approval can do whatever they want. In the woman’s case, she did not give any consent, therefore, made the process of the IVF to go even further into the court where she wants to file charges against the court. If the process was to be done without any consent this would have been a situation of Malpractice where the surgeons feel its right to go on with the procedure without the woman’s full

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