Jack The Rapper : The Characters Of Jack The Ripper

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I walked into the basement and scanned the room for Uncle. I saw him by the sink cleaning the scalpel and other tools he needed to use for the cadaver that was on the table. There was another man around my age helping him. I remember seeing him before at one of Uncle’s classes. His name was Thomas Cresswell. He was quite tall and he had dark brown hair that looked as if he carefully placed each hair in the correct spot. He was also confident and slightly arrogant, but he is intelligent. Uncle started walking over to the cadaver on the table while Thomas followed him. I took off my coat and got on my apron. Thomas glanced up at me. I saw him smirk as he turned to Uncle.
“Mr. Wadsworth, Audrey is here.” he told Uncle.
“Ah you are finally here Audrey Rose,” said Uncle, “please come over here and help me and Thomas with this corpse. Scotland Yard is coming in an hour or two to collect the findings.”
I head over to the sink to wash my hands. I then went over to the table where Uncle and Thomas were. The body on the table was an older woman. She seemed as if she was cut open and her organs were scoured through then thrown back in her body. It was a nasty thing for someone to do. It must have been another victim of Jack the Ripper. I start helping them by handing Uncle the scalpel, so he could do the preliminary incision. I had pointed out that her heart was missing from the body and there was a gear that was left behind in her body as well. Uncle was looking at the gear quite

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