Lord Of The Flies Jack Is A Leader Analysis

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A powerful leader is one who knows how to lead with control and has strong leader characteristics. In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, some readers support the fact that Jack was a better leader than Ralph, but others feel that Ralph was the better leader. Although several supporters feel that Ralph is the best leader, it is evident that Jack is the better leader since he can effortlessly control the group on the island.
It is clear that Jack is a better leader than Ralph because he is more of a demanding, manipulative person. From the time the boys landed on the island, Jack was in control of the choir. “The other boys, led by Jack, run off in disorganized excitement to light the signal fire”(Reilly, 3). This quote shows that the boys followed in Jack’s footsteps since they set foot on the island. Along with controlling the choir, Jack challenged Ralph’s opinions. “We do not need the conch anymore. We know who ought to say things” (Reilly, 4). This quote demonstrates that Jack is making an attempt to control the group by doing what is best for him, and he demands that the boys support his decisions. In addition, Jack’s main priority was to hunt and give them what they want. “The point is that Jack is doing what he wants, not what he ought” (Reilly, 5). This quote illustrates that Jack is aware that he is the leader of the group, for he is doing what he wants and not what he has to. Clearly, it is evident that Jack is the best choice as chief for

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