Jackson Kruger. Mrs. Hooks. English 11. 29 January 2017.

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Jackson Kruger
Mrs. Hooks
English 11
29 January 2017
The Right to Live Abortion is one of the most controversial issues among American Citizens. Many Americans believe that life begins when a child is conceived while others insist that a child is not alive until a few months into the pregnancy. Although supporters for abortion agree that life begins during a few months into the pregnancy, they support abortion until around twenty-two weeks. This contradiction of beliefs among abortion supporters sparks anger with those who are pro-life. This argument between pro-life and pro-choice has continued on for a long span of time although there are many arguments for pro-life that need to end this debate. Abortion has been a major issue in …show more content…

The United States Supreme Court ruling in this case legalized abortion with some restrictions. For example, in the first trimester a state is not allowed to impose any restriction on abortion. In the second trimester, the state could impose regulations only to protect the health of the mother. In the third trimester, a state could prevent abortions except for in the case of saving a mother’s life (“Abortion History Timeline”). Roe v. Wade is the last major event that occurred in the history of abortion, and the Supreme Court’s decision still stands to this day. Although abortion is obviously wrong, history proves that the pro-life supporters have been losing a battle even with all the evidence against this issue. While few pro-choice arguments exist, all of them are easily broken down when looked at logically. For example, most supporters of abortion will argue that pregnancy caused by rape is a reason for abortion. Although this has some truth in it, the number of women who get pregnant from rape in America is insignificant therefore abortion does not need to be legalized for all women. Also, adoption is a more humane option, and this choice prevents the cruel murder of a baby. Those who are pro-choice will also try to argue that abortion is a right given to them by the Supreme Court and the constitution. While the government did give women the right to end their pregnancy, an unborn child is a human being in the eyes of the

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