Jacksonian America Essay

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Throughout the period of 1820-1830, Jacksonian Democrats created a vastly popular political party. They were, of course, led by Andrew Jackson, a war hero and a man of the people. Jackson's followers who created the party were also "for the people." Such ideals were shown throughout various times within the period. The democrats were essentially guardians of the United States Constitution and, similarly, were protectors of individual liberties. In addition to this, the Jacksonian Democrats promoted political democracy, and also the equality of economic opportunity. Thus, the Jacksonian Democrats clearly served as protectors of the people, their individual liberties, their Constitution, their economic opportunities and their political …show more content…

They set out to form a system which would rotate different people in and out of these jobs. However, the Jacksonians wound up using the spoils system to elect members of their party. By doing this, they had a larger influence in government and could more easily pass laws to help the people. Jackson and his followers were always interested in the rights of the people of the United States. Therefore, when the United States found itself within the Nullification Crisis, Jackson responded immediately and with a just cause. While a threat of rebellion rose in South Carolina, Jackson threatened to send down an army to quash it, before further harm was done. This proves how dangerous nullification could be and how Jackson, a man of the people, would be against it. The threats of South Carolina to secede over such a law threatened the Union. The Union, effectively, was the collaboration of states and the peoples within them made the Union possible. Thus, when a state threatened to leave the Union, and damage it, Jackson was against it. Jacksonian's saw this as a threat to the political democracy within the United States. By breaking up the Union it would make it more vulnerable to a take over from Europe or another foreign country. In addition to this, by destroying the Union, the economic opportunities of citizens would also be hindered. Jackson believed in the voice of the people, but only when it

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