Jacob, The, And Jacob

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Let us commence a journey into the much-travelled topic of Jacob wrestling with God. Jacob portrays deceitful characteristics throughout Genesis; Jacob gets his name from his twin brother Esau. When Jacob brother of Esau was born, “his brother came out, with his hand grasping Esau 's heel; so he was named Jacob” (Gen. 25.26). Part of the reason Jacob is who he is because of his brother Esau. Esau and Jacob were more than just the typical brothers. Jacob hated Esau. It was all a competition between them. Esau was born the hunter and Jacob did just enough to get by. They are the sons of Isaac. Jacob had a past of struggling with God almost as if he was seeking to fulfill his own destiny all on his own.
Jacob had always been trying to seek a life that didn’t involve God. The wrestling with God plays a big part in his overall character. This is true because, when Jacob wrestles with God he comes to him. Jacob came to God because he realized that he couldn’t choose his own destiny and get there with out God. While he was wresting with God, “If the wrestler is unable to overcome Jacob spiritually, it is because Jacob is not willing to yield. Only when the man threatens to go without offering assurances of God’s help does Jacob show his willingness to negotiate in the critical issues.” (Walton 605). Jacob so desperately wants God, he is clinging to him. Although, he is very stubborn before he submits himself to God he wants a blessing from him, “Jacob’s willingness to submit

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