Jacqueline Freney

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Young person of the year
At an age of only 20 years, Jacqueline Freney from New South Wales, Australia won 8 gold medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. In 2014 she won the Young Australian of the Year award, and that's well-deserved.

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Jacqueline Freney was born with cerebral palsy. She was born into a swim-ming family, and despite her illness she set herself the goal to become a com-petitive swimmer.
As therapy for her cere-bral palsy her parents, who have been managing Public Olympic Pools for the past 25 years, took her for swims every day. In the beginning she would paddle around in the leaner's pool, and the water supported her so she could walk unaided. That freedom gave her the love for water. In fact, her being …show more content…

She had trouble keeping up with the other swimmers, but with her determination she made her way from the bottom to being the best swimmer in the squad. The determination has made her the great athlete she is to-day.
Jacqueline Freney is the third generation of competi-tive swimmers in her family. Her grandfather Peter Freney coached her father Michael Freney, who now coaches Jacqueline.
Growing up, Jacqueline had two big role models: The Olympic Champion Kieran Perkins, who trained in Jacqueline's parents' pool, and Paralympic Champion Siobhan Paton, whom Jac-queline's grandfather coached to glory at the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games, where she won six gold medals.
Jacqueline became Aus-tralia's most successful Paralympian swimmer at a single Paralympic Games, when she at the 2012 Lon-don Paralympic Games won an amazing 8 gold medals. She won a gold medal for every event she competed in, and two of her perform-ances were under world record time. Her gold medal haul was greater than any other competitor from any country.
Today, she is almost 24 years old, and she continues to swim. But outside of the pool, she works as a moti-vational speaker to help other disabled young people reach their

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