Jails And Prisons Essay

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Jails and Prisons

Up until 1969 it was believed that criminals did not have any protection from the law, furthermore no constitutional right were given to any felon. After a person was found guilty of a crime, the norm was to give them "civil death"(CJ2015, p226) After the Warren Court (1953-1969) The supreme court ruled that criminals had the right to file lawsuits for the conditions existing where they were housed. The civil death was also forbidden. In the United States we have different places to housed criminals and all exist for the same purpose: Corrections. However, there are differences in how they are run, who works in them, and the security level they have.

Jail institutions serve to place all the people that is book after braking …show more content…

Since criminal are send to prison against their will, the State is responsible for the well being of each individual. By providing a reasonable place to be, with elementary necessities as is clean water, clean and working toilets, clean clothes, meals, medical care, etc. prisons meet their responsibilities. These are not privileges, but needs of daily life. However, due to the high numbers of inmates in jails and prisons, these basic needs are almost never appropriate. The protection that government officers should provide to keep inmates safe have being breech in a grotesque manner. Sexual abuse, turning a blind eye on prisoners violence, and sometimes instigating them. Meals provided are not healthy, contributing to malnutrition. Therefor, I agree with the rehabilitation of criminals by offering higher education or vocational skills. Time has proven that prison time doesn't do that. To the contrary, when an inmate serves their sentence and are release, they find themselves incapable of conducting a self sufficient and adequate life. They can not find jobs because of their criminal record, they turn to government help, and with so much time in their hand and no force instruction they go back to their previous lifestyle. They do not deserve to have the privileges that a citizen that obeys the law has. Nonetheless, they need have what is essential for a person to

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