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James A. Lovell, captain in the United States Navy was born on March 25, 1928 in Cleveland, Ohio. His parents are James Arthur Senior and Blanch Lovell. You may have heard of James Lovell through the popular movie recently made named “Apollo 13”. Well, there is more to learn about Lovell than a movie about his dramatic journey back to Earth in 1970. Believe it or not he did do quite a bit more in his life that many people do not know about. Hopefully through reading this report you will learn many more facts about James A. Lovell.
Lovell’s interest in flying dated clear back into his early childhood. He loved to build rockets as a child. Though many of his first rockets were …show more content…

You probably have no idea what significance the Gemini Seven mission has in American Space history. It was a record-breaking mission at the time! The astronauts were in space for two weeks. It may not seem like very much now, but back in December of 1965 this was totally amazing! In order to understand why this event is so important you have to imagine what it was like back in 1965. No one had landed on the moon yet, so we were still in a space race with the Russians. At that time we had done something that the Russians had not accomplished, and in 1965 the thought of going to space was a lot more radical than it is now. Also while they were up in space they pioneered the first rendezvous with another space vessel. So in one mission, they and Gemini Six had broken two records!
Lovell was launched into space for a second time on November 11, 1966. Edwin Aldrin accompanied him. On this mission Lovell and Aldrin circumnavigated the Earth fifty-nine times in four days. What was special about this mission was the knowledge that was gained on walking in space. During their flight, Lovell took three space walks and learned very much about the restraints that are needed to perform a space walk. He paid very close attention to what type of restraints worked the best for certain jobs that needed to be done on the exterior of the spacecraft. While on one of his walks, Lovell took the

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