Space Race Research Paper

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During the space race, both the US and the Soviet Union achieved a lot. Some say the US won the race because it landed the first human on the Moon but no one can take anything away from the USSR. Soviet accomplished a lot and had more “firsts” then the US until the US caught up. Both the US and the USSR won the space race.

As stated before, both sides accomplished a lot. The US say they won because of the first human on moon, but USSR accomplished way too much for the US to easily win. Both sides look at what they accomplished first. When both sides find out what they achieved, both do not deserve to be the loser of the space race. “The problem with assigning a winner however, is that both sides would define the terms of the Space Race by what they were capable of achieving - and then declare themselves winners” (Hodgson). This quote shows that they have to look in to what they have achieved first. Since both achieved so much, there can not be one single winner. It would not be fair to both sides.

During the race, the USSR had a lot more “firsts” then the US, some examples are the first satellite, first man and woman in space, and even the first dog in space. When some see this, they would be confused as to how the US won and not the USSR. The truth is the
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This accomplishment changed the world in terms of space development. Some can not say the USSR won too because the US has done what the USSR could not at the time. “Such attention proved rewarding 12 years later on July 16th, 1969, as Apollo 11, the fifth manned mission of NASA’s Apollo space program, successfully ended the space race as it landed on the Moon” (Ebscohost). As the USSR accomplished a lot, so has the US. The US made an incredible comeback into the race after being behind, and that should be respected. As shown, both sides deserve to be called winners because of what they have
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