James Madison 's Federalist Paper

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In James Madison’s federalist paper he begins by telling the reader what his intentions are for writing the essay. He wants the citizens to understand the structure of this suggested government, and how it makes liberty attainable. Madison believes that each individual branch should be independent and in order for this to be possible no one branch should overpower another. He explains that the only way for that to happen is if the citizens vote for the president, the legislators, and judges. Madison also mentions how he understands citizens may not be knowledgeable enough of the qualification of judges, thus leading to a weak judicial branch. Judges should be free of political pressures in order to balance out with the president and the senate and vice versa. He suggests a control in the individual powers through the constitution to avoid inequality. This would assure an avoidance in the abuse of power by men from either branch. Madison goes on to say in a democracy ruled by the people it is important to protect ourselves from injustice which may be caused by any particular group or citizens. Majorities will presumably threaten the minority. He proclaims there are two methods to destroy this evil. His first suggestion is to build a powerful government. His opinion is that this solution is potentially dangerous, because this government system might assist in throwing its power to a group that is working against the public good. Instead he mentions, in the United States the
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