James Madison’s Federalist Papers' Comparison of the Republic and Democatic Governement

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It started back in the early days of 1787 where ideas of the best government for the current and future of this country. Its something our four fathers had to think about after only a short time being a nation after the Revolution. The Revolution was a lesson that there needs to be a government where the people have more say. This question has been asked before and much like our four fathers the best thing to do is write about it. Write about what is better, whether that be a Republican government or a Democratic government. Through the source of James Madison’s Federalist paper ten, the following question will be answered. Comparing and Contrasting both governments and explaining the side of each. However, like Madison and his Federalist…show more content…
One day there will be a topic up for vote that the majority agrees, another it could be same topic but majority of the citizens disagree with it. If the people had 100% say and only their vote mattered then making the tough decisions would be even more difficult. What if the time comes where the nation needs to go to war. Can citizens really stand by it and make the tough call knowing someone in the household will most likely leave because of the vote they decided on. On the Republican side draws the possible situation of political corruptness where its like a game of cards. Politicians say something but plays are put in place where actions say something else. Both systems have its flaws but the point is what is the best government for now and the future. If this was the year 1787 I would be in support of James Madison’s piece in the Federalists paper 10. The best possible scenario for governing a large group like the United States is to be a Republic. Its built best for in Madison’s words “a cure” for the factions. The Representative government will focus more on bringing those leaders with scholar merits and established themselves well in the political lifestyle. There needs to be a large enough number of representatives to guard against the few but there must also be a limit to not have the citizens question sincerity. The people’s say in the democracy is not taken away in fact if nothing else its more crucial for the
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