James Truslow Adams: The American Dream

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The American Dream James Truslow Adams, in the Epic of America, defines the American Dream Adam states, “That dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” For my Bar-Mitzvah project, I worked with a Polish holocaust survivor named Abe Weinrib. He taught me so numerous life lessons that are colossally dear me. Abe was born on December 11, 1912, in Piotrkow, Poland, the oldest of six children. His education ended when he was fifteen years old and moved to Lodz, Poland, to work to support his family. He worked in a factory owned by his wealthy industrialist uncle. Mr. Weinrib was arrested by Nazi soldiers in 1939 and…show more content…
Mr. Weinrib instilled in me that education is the most important thing in life. He told me the nazies could never take this from you, and that to survive he had to out smart the nazies. In 1944 Abe snuck past the guards in the middle of the night into the kitchen, and stole a bag of potatoes. To archive the American Dream you have to have the guts to do what Mr. Weinrib did. And, you have to have intelligence to outsmart people. That is where education comes into play. You have to get a full education to outsmart people to achieve your dreams. Mr. Weinrib taught me that stupendous life lessons. Through Abe’s advice one day I hope to achieve the American Dream too. The desire to achieve the American Dream is in my blood. Ever since my great grandparents sailed to Ellis, Island from Eastern Europe they have wanted me to reach for the stars. From living in the lower east side of Manhattan to living in the middle of nowhere in Maine. My Grandparent worked tremendously hard to get where they are today. From my father working his way through Ohio State Law School to my mother working her way through Harvard Graduates School. My parents have always instilled in me do whatever interested me. Through their stupendous advice my interests has led me to
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