James 's Martyrdom As A Verifiable Origin For Information

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James, the Half Brother of Jesus was Abruptly Transformed

There is not as much information about James as there is about Paul, but he is also significant for the evidence offered, and another witness as well. The same reasoning can be utilized in regard to James because his belief is that he actually saw a resurrected Jesus and that he was ready to die for the identical belief as Paul and the other disciples. “James’s martyrdom is attested by Josephus, Hegesippus, and Clement of Alexandria. We no longer have any of the works of Hegesippus or the writings of Clement where the event is mentioned. However, sections have been preserved by Eusebius. Therefore, his martyrdom is attested by both Christian and non Christian sources.” This fact
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Here is where a resurrection appearance to James is discovered, leading to his transformation. Actually, “most scholars’ think this was the reason James became a believer.” James, just like Paul, offers concrete evidence of someone being transformed to Christianity, after what they believed to be an appearance of the resurrected Jesus.
Skepticism of History and Other Explanations

Reports or events of the ancient past are labored with practical naturalism, which prevents the discovery of miracles to be impartial historic evidence. Peter Kirby, the creator of EarlyChristianWritings.com, asserts that, “Many scholars doubt the historicity of the empty tomb.” Robert M. Price believes that, “apologists love to make the claims ... that the resurrection of Jesus is the best attested event in history,” however “probabilistic arguments” demonstrate that “the resurrection is anything but an open-and-shut case.”
Robert Greg Cavin, a Philosophy and Religion lecturer at Cypress College, asserts that, “our only sources of potential evidence, the New Testament Easter traditions, fall far short of providing the kind of information necessary for establishing the resurrection hypothesis.”
Bible researcher Geza Vermes examines this topic in the book, “The Resurrection.” He assumes that there are eight achievable proposals to
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