The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most debated issues throughout history. Christians place their trust in a resurrected Christ for salvation and a promise of eternal life. If the resurrection never happened, Christianity is a lie and people have been mislead for generations. On the other hand if the resurrection is true, Christianity is true also. This issue is of extreme importance because one’s soul is at stake. If all the claims that Christians make for the resurrection are true, the evidence for these claims must be examined. Equally important, are the claims against the resurrection; they too need to be looked at with careful consideration. Because so much is at stake, the question must be answered: Is the …show more content…

Gary Habermas in The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus calls this the minimal facts approach. “The minimal facts approach considers only the data that meets two criteria: 1. The data are strongly evidenced 2. The data are granted by virtually all scholars on the subject, even the skeptical ones.” On the basis of this approach, four different arguments will be examined for the resurrection of Christ in this paper.

The Empty Tomb Only a few explanations can explain the empty tomb: A stolen body, an earthquake, or the actual resurrection. Some believe that the disciples stole the body of Jesus. This is recorded in the book a Matthew. A claim that the Jews made in an attempt to explain the resurrection. If this were true there entire faith would have been a lie. All of Jesus Disciples died for what they believed in which includes the resurrection. This would mean that the disciples died for something they made up In Matthew 28:2 there is a recording of an earthquake when an angel of the Lord roll away the stone from the entrance of the tomb. Some will argue that the earthquake buried the body of Jesus under the rubble, thus having an appearance of an empty tomb. This claim does not explain Jesus appearing to Mary right after this event. Also, if the body of Jesus was just buried under rubble it could still be available for examination. After exulting

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