The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most debated issues throughout history. Christians place their trust in a resurrected Christ for salvation and a promise of eternal life. If the resurrection never happened, Christianity is a lie and people have been mislead for generations. On the other hand if the resurrection is true, Christianity is true also. This issue is of extreme importance because one’s soul is at stake. If all the claims that Christians make for the resurrection are true, the evidence for these claims must be examined. Equally important, are the claims against the resurrection; they too need to be looked at with careful consideration. Because so much is at stake, the question must be answered: Is the resurrection of Jesus Christ fact or fiction? Both sides rather for or against a bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ make bold claims towards the issue. If such claims are going to be made, both sides of the argument need to be clearly examined.

2. Four Arguments for the Resurrection
Although many non-believers will deny the inspiration of scripture, some will still hold to its historical accuracy for evidence found about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A well-known atheist, Antony Flew was presented with twelve known historical facts that people could engage in discussion about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Flew agreed with almost every point presented. Historical evidence will be the best possible approach when examining the resurrection…
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