Jamestown Characteristics

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In the early settling of the Americas, the main goal for an established colony was to make money for their country; however there were almost always underlying goals for the members of each colony.The earliest colony, Jamestown, stuck firmly to it’s goal of profit as even the church required a tax. Rules were also implemented to make sure members worked, those who didn’t work did not eat. The pilgrims we all know and love had other plans on their mind when they finally set out for the new world, originally they were sent to help collect profit but accidentally sailed north of Jamestown. In this new area they were free from the Anglican church and for the most part, became self sufficient. The Puritans had the most balanced approach to their goal when established they kept England happy but, had the goal of being a model for religious communities. They made money and were extremely strict with their religious beliefs, some were beaten for breaking the rules as this would bring god's wrath upon everyone. Others settled away from the puritans as they thought their rules were far too strict, such as the Quakers. All of these colonies can be seen to settle in three regions of the east coast, the colonies within the regions all having something in common. Each region is motivated by something different be it, religion, trade, or materials.
Jamestown, found in Virginia, was established by the Virginia Stock Company of London. People of London bought stocks in the company to support

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