Jamie Goode's 'Ghosts': A Narrative Fiction

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I glance around warily, he had picked one of the fanciest hotels in the country, but then again having a dad that owns the most successful technology companies in the world you probably would pick this hotel. Speaking of the devil, I thought, here he is. Jamie Goode walked through the door like he owned it, again having a dad like his he would. He gave a quick glance around giving a grin to everybody who looked at him, he stated walking in my direction. He was younger than I expected, sixteen maybe seventeen, his dark hair was messy and it hung down by his eyes, he wore black jeans and a leather jacket, an outfit of someone who rides a motorbike, sure enough I could see a bike parked outside, a Honda, Fireblade. He walked confidently and wore a smile, but his eyes were haunted like it was physically hurting him to be there. …show more content…

“look can we go somewhere more private?” he asked into my ear, feeling uncomfortable I nodded and headed towards the elevators, I pressed the button and waited for him to catch up. “Ghosts” I echoed, my eyes travelled around the room, I swear someone was going to pop out any moment and tell me it was all a prank. “ I know it’s a bit hard to understand, but it’s true” was this guy serious? Are there really ghosts? “Why haven’t I ever heard about this?” I ask trying to keep the curiosity out of my voice, “we don’t tell people” he replied curtly. “Who’s we?” I ask, no point in trying now I was way too curious, “we are C.R.Y.P.T” I shot him a puzzled glance, “Covert Response Youth Paranormal Team” he said quickly, “why are you telling me this?” I asked, I had a feeling why but I wanted him to say it. “because we

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