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Jamie Turner Case Study Problem Statement Jamie Turner and Pat Cardullo of Modern Lighting Industries, Inc need to recognize and address their interpersonal issues that have created a disconnect between them and throughout the whole MLI workforce. Hypothesis 1. Jamie Turner and Pat Cardullo have very different assumptions and expectations for Turner’s new position and MLI as a company. This hinders their relationship and prevents effective communication. This may be contributed to a poor psychological contract, the contract was weakly established and has not been maintained throughout Turner’s time at MLI. Also, when Jamie was in the process of signing on, Cardullo implied and even made many commitments; since then he has …show more content…

To me these seem like positive beliefs that would help a company, the problem was Cardullo didn’t keep these commitments. Turner was promised the autonomy he had been seeking, but Cardullo constantly intruded on his work and in the end even took back control of pricing which was suppose to be part of Turners job. Many times Jamie tried to communicate with Cardullo, only to be turned away with an insufficient response. Another commitment Cardullo broke was when Jamie inquired about entering a certain market to sell generators. Cardullo was interested in the idea, but after talking with other executives he went back on his word and told Jamie it wasn’t going to happen. The more Cardullo undermined Jamie the more disconnect was created between them. In the end Turner felt like he was supplying the leadership at MLI but without understanding what Cardullo expected of him. 2. Personal style issues add to the problem between Turner and Cardullo. Cardullo is from the Boomer generation, this alone creates disconnect between the two. Jamie being from the late X early Y generation acts and makes decisions differently than Cardullo. Many Boomers see X’ers as “disconnected, cynical, disloyal, and unwilling to accept challenge and responsibility”, I believe that Cardullo has underlying feelings similar to these and in turn does not trust Turner’s insight or decision making. Like these generational differences, both men have separate identities, Cardullo has the

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