Jane Austen 's Pride And Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice is a novel written by Jane Austen that emphasizes several different themes. One theme that especially stood out was the idea of how love is more important than wealth and status. In the nineteenth century people married for wealth, status, and comfort. Women did not care if they were happy or married the man of their dreams as long as they had someone to support them. They did not marry for love and it was very rare to find a married couple who was really in love. Jane Austen truly believes that love can overcome the social norm and prevail. Her use of social commentary and detailed characterization allows the reader to really get to know and understand the thoughts and feelings of all the characters. Austen reveals her …show more content…

Elizabeth starts out hating Darcy because she thinks he is arrogant, proud, he insults her, and Wickham tricks her into believing he is an awful guy. As the novel progresses Darcy begins to fall in love with Elizabeth because of her personality and wit. Once Elizabeth finds out that he is a good guy and that Wickham lied to her, she begins to realize she loves Darcy. They had to overcome lots of adversity to find each other, but even through it, all their love prevailed. One article discussing Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship says “As they knowing each other further and further, Elizabeth cleared the misunderstanding between them, and Mr. Darcy sees the disadvantages in himself, they fell in love with each other on the basis of love. This is the best ending for them”(Pei, et. al.). At the end of the novel, they are happily in love and getting married. This shows the reader that they should never settle for anyone, and should always listen to their heart if they want to find happiness. One should always be their own person and live their life the way they want, and not base it on others and the society around them.
On the other hand, Charlotte Lucas is the exact opposite of Elizabeth. She wants to find a man who will support her, and help her have a decent life. She does not care about marrying for love. In fact, she says, “happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance”(Austen 30). This absolutely kills Elizabeth, and she tries to

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