Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, is a novel that pushed the standards and the norm for the century in which it was written. The novel includes Austen’s personal commentary on upbringing, marriage, social class, and, especially, a woman’s role in society. Pride and Prejudice focuses on a family in the middle class of the social hierarchy in England, where a woman’s social status and ease in life was determined through marrying a wealthy man who could provide her with a secure future. Elizabeth Bennet is a headstrong, determined, and highly intelligent woman, who knows that she does not want to be in the submissive, obedient, and soft spoken role expected from every woman. Firmly believing that women have every right to be happy through marriage, she ignores the inescapable rules, which contrasts with the views of other women in the society. Throughout Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth faces many situations in which her belief in the importance of happiness in marriage is prominent and is a defining characteristic that makes her different from other women during her time. Jane Austen develops and turns Elizabeth Bennet into a character with an incredibly strong and independent personality contrasting against other women in the society, which in turn gives Austen a voice in society and represents what she believed in.
Jane Austen depicts Elizabeth as the strong, independent and unconventional woman she is when she has Elizabeth challenge and even go against the norm in the
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