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Jane Eyre

The way in which society tries to live today goes hand in hand with the quote "What really matters is on the inside, not the outside", which is often repeated, maybe because people want everyone to feel equal and no one inferior or maybe because a person just wants to feel better about his or herself so this statement is said. The story "Jane Eyre" completely contradicts this quote, especially during the social extravaganza, which was put on by Mr. Rochester and the Thornfield workers. The main goal during the era in which the book "Jane Eyre" took place was to be wealthy so you could be a part of all the so called finer things in life such as nice clothing, jewelry, money, large mansions, and so on. The social
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In the story "Jane Eyre" the setting as the reader knows renders to be quite a degrading one in a way. The setting describes all of the elegance which went along with being wealthy like Mr. Rochester, Louisa Eshton, Mary Ingram, et cetera and the poor hard life which went along with being born with so called not good blood and therefore a person was started out in life knowing that he or she would never acquire a life of luxury but a life of hard work and a feeling of inferiority. During the social get together Jane, Mrs. Fairfax, and many others were at the Thornfield house for the only reason of making the richer guests happy by waiting on them hand and foot and performing whatever tasks in which they were told to do such as serving supper and helping dress the ladies and gentlemen. The guests, Mrs. Eshton, Amy and Louisa Eshton, Lady Lynn, Mrs. Colonel Dent, Lady Ingram, Blanch and Mary Ingram, Henry and Frederick Lynn, Colonel Dent, Mr. Eshton, and Lord Ingram were all sat in the nicely cleaned and furnished dinning room to eat supper and were well provided with the best silverware and china for such occasions as tea and all meals while the servants would eat in the kitchen or their room.
During the stay of these wealthy people the plot was to seem that Mrs. Ingram and Mr. Rochester were going to get married but the reader knows that he really loves Jane. Mr. Rochester and Blanch
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