Examples Of Romanticism In Jane Eyre

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Jane eyre is a clear example of a bildungsroman because we see how she starts off as a miserable and poor child who is mistreated and ends up as a rich mistress. Jane Eyre’s development through the book helps the idea of the novel being a bildungsroman. In the first chapters of the book we see Jane filled with negative emotions towards the Reed’s because she is badly mistreated and being locked in the red room is the tipping point for jane. Later on when Jane attends lowood her emotions have drastically changed, she know feels some sort of comfort and love. Although the reader might think Jane has been through it all that is not the reality as she will fall in love with a man that will cause her problems but will ultimately reach happiness…show more content…
The second supernatural occurrence is when rochester proposes and the chestnut tree is struck by lightning and is split into two.
When jane was questioned if she had poor family would she rather live with them and be happy or stay miserable with the reeds she made it evident that despite her unhappiness she preferred to live with the rich because poverty was looked down. Those who were poor were treated badly, jane eyre is a perfect example. Romanticism is shown in the novel when jane falls in love with Mr.Rochester. Despite her love for him, she stays true to herself.The couple goes through a few downfalls but their love is so strong that they reunite by the end of the book and create a family of their own.
Mrs. reed was very cruel to jane but that paid off in the long run because it made jane inot a strong woman. On the other hand, Bessie loved jane and played a motherly role for jane. Helen burns, filled jane with knowledge and showed her kindness and the way to god. Miss temple served as an emotional support system as she stood up for jane when she was falsely accused and was there for her when her best friend passed away.Diana and Mary helped jane made smart choices and became close
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