Jane Eyre Response Paper

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Jane Eyre One could look through the enticing piece of literature that is Jane Eyre through a variety of lenses, two significant lenses being mythological and autobiographical. Charlotte Bronte creates an imaginative plot line that encaptures her readers and contributes to the essence of her work as a whole. Bronte combines the lenses of mythology and autobiography not only to appeal to her readers but to balance out the fairy-tale like events with realistic and real-life issues. Since the beginning of time myths and old wives tales have been a source of entertainment as well as enchantment to those of all ages. Charlotte Bronte’s characterization of Jane Eyre held such a mythological concept and appeal that it is likely several other…show more content…
One may compare Jane’s time at Loewood to Sara Crewe’s time at her school in the classic children’s novel A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. One may also compare Jane’s time at Loewood to Charlotte Bronte’s time herself when she was sent away at school ( I believe looking at Jane Eyre from an autobiographical lense brings clarity and realism to the story as well as making a deeper connection with the author herself and not just Jane. For example Jane temporarily teaches a school and although it was successful Jane was never truly content while teaching there. Charlotte Bronte herself and her sisters tried to open a school once but it ended up failing ( I believe Jane’s feelings of displeasure and slight resentment while she was at the school were Charlotte's true feelings of disappointment in the failure of she and her sisters’ school. I believe it is autobiographical features such as this that balance out some of the unrealistic events in Jane Eyre. For example, it is unlikely and somewhat unrealistic for Jane to almost die in the middle of nowhere and then surprisingly be taken in by nobody other than her cousin but that brings magic into the story. Though the details such as Jane’s discontent at the school help balance out the fairy-tale and realism . I
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