Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Essay

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At Gateshead Jane Eyre grew up with her malicious cousins and Aunt. This fictitious location is placed in a part of England north to London. The name Gateshead has significant meaning in the book. This location was the “gateway” to the rest of the world. Also, this is where Jane grew up, so evidentially it was the “head” or beginning of all her tribulations in life. Throughout the rest of the book, all that Jane has to deal with is linked back to her childhood there at Gateshead. Abused verbally and physically by her Aunt and cousins, Jane felt an outsider among her kinsmen. She was ostracized by Aunt Reed from the rest of the family. At one point when her Aunt became extremely oppressive, she locked adolescent Jane into the dreaded …show more content…

Reed. Even so, Bessie was the only motherly like figure in Jane’s early years of life. The years spent at Gateshead were difficult ones for Jane and the problems that she faced there forever changed her. The time that Jane Eyre spent at Lowood was a low point in Jane’s life, hence the name. Jane goes to describe the quality of life there. The food that the students must consume is often burnt and meager portions. Every girl must wear a matching straight cut dress, hair pulled straight back into an unbecoming fashion. Jane continues in further detail that Mr. Brocklehurst forced a young student to crop off her naturally curly hair because he claimed it was vain. This was oxymoronic because he and his family dressed in clothing of the highest fashion. Because conditions were poor at Lowood, Jane was often felt gloomy and discontent. Furthermore, when Mr. Brocklehurst falsely identified Jane is a scoundrel in front of the whole school, which Aunt Reed had relayed to him, Jane was profoundly wounded from it. Though Miss. Temple, the head teacher, put straight the incident Jane still held a deep rooted hatred towards Mr. Brocklehurst. However Jane did have a few blissful moments and friends during her stay at Lowood. Jane’s first true friend was Helen Burns. Being several years older than herself, Helen possessed a wisdom like none Jane had previously known. In the instant where Jane was chastised by Mr. Brocklehurst, Helen consoled her by saying “If all the world

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