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In both short stories, “How I Met My Husband” in Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell Youand “The Moons of Jupiter” in My Best Stories, Munro uses the first person narrator to tell the story. As well as each story has a way of showing a relationship between their families and their distant, especially their relationship with men which lead to surprising and unexpected events.The story of “How I met my Husband” is about a woman, Edie, tells her story and life from a 15 years young girl perspective and tells how she meets withher husband. Although in “The moons of Jupiter” is narrated by Janet, a woman who tells her story about her family and how her father has been hospitalized and faces the possibility of dying during heart surgery, she…show more content…
They were driving to Mexico in the morning, and while I was in Toronto I was to stay in their apartment. For the time being, I live in Vancouver. I sometimes say I have my headquarters in Vancouver (TMOJ 79). When a young doctor advises immediate surgery for a defective heart valve, the father resists, especially when an older doctor says that rest and medication might take care of the situation. Without surgery, he would die shortly, so in the end, he decides to have the operation despite the risks. So what emerges during the story, from the dialogues between Janet and her father, a brief excursion into the past is a portrait of her father. He is a working-class man, who cares for his daughter and other family members, but is unable to express his love and constantly comes across, instead, as somewhat critical. As he prepares psychologically for death, he briefly toys with the idea of the existence of the soul and the afterlife but rejects that possibility. In calm, he informs his daughter, Janet, about details concerning his house. Moreover, in both stories, the characters commit some mistakes in their lives. In “How I Met My Husband”, Munro shows that Edie tells the story of her past and present life and how she realizes the mistakes that she had done when she was 15 years old. When Edie works in Peebles family, she seems superiority around Mrs. Peebles who feels tired of being a wife and a mother. Edie believes

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