Japan In One Of The Most Beautiful Countries In East Asia.Their

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Japan in one of the most beautiful countries in East Asia. Their lifestyle is truly amazing. Some of the most interesting things about Japan is their history, culture & environment, foods, traditions, education, and government is well put together. Japan is a country that no one else could replicate. They will always be that way. No matter what. Below you will read about why this is true and how it continues to be that way. Japan is definitely one country i would love to attend. It’s quite the landscape also. Brief History Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack on Oahu Island, Hawaii. The date of the attack is December 7, 1941. The location of the attack was on a US naval base called Pearl Harbor. This is what entered the Japanese …show more content…

This is a rice noodles in broth with your choice of meats and tendons. They also have lots of vegetables in this dish including, carrots, broccoli, bamboo, cilantro, green onion, and bean sprouts. They also have a food similar to egg rolls from the chinese but these are spring rolls served with carrots, cabbage, tofu, and bean sprouts wrapped in a rice paper. Their food is very similar to chinese foods they have very similar dishes. They also have multiple ways of making the foods. Everyone loves japanese and chinese foods. Branching off of food brings them traditions. They are really big on parades and festivals. They always have dragon costumes and dresses as samurai and ninjas to so their history. They also have a tradition that spread around the world. Paper lanterns are a huge part of Japanese culture. They symbolize a passed on family member and they value that greatly. Education Education in Japan is very similar to the US. Their curriculum is based off the Ministry of Education, Culture,Sports,, Science and Technology. Most of the students go to private schools. The others go to public schools. The public schools are very populated and when they are overpopulated the students don’t get the one on one time they need. Japan is a very smart country. They set a very high standard. They have six principles of education and they include preK, kindergarten, 1-5th grades, 6-9 grades, 10-12 grades, college graduate.

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