Japanese Imperialism During The Japanese War

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When the Meiji Restoration flourished Japan from an agronomic nation to rapid modernization, they were using Western countries as models to industrialize and develop their economy and society. They were not only to better themselves; learning from the West came the goal of wanting to be their equal. Japan tried to shape into countries like France and Britain to prove that they deserve to be a world power, thus starting Japanese imperialism. After the Sino-Japanese war, both Korea and Taiwan were annexed to Japan, where the Japanese used militant colonial rule and assimilation to what seemed like a benefit to them was exploitation to the respective cultures. Annexing Taiwan was the start of Japanese colonialism. At least, it was initially “colonialism” until people begun to consider their settlement as “occupation.” Japan sought to make its first territory a “model colony” under the appointment of governor- generals such as Kodama Gentaro and Goto Shimpei who introduced “the land survey, modern police force, and agricultural development” along with the other first 9 active military officers. They established an extremely centralized government that suppressed dissent and had complete sovereign over legislative, economic and militia power in Taiwan. This de facto cabinet was intolerable by the natives, as it oppressed their rights in their home country and they longed to achieve independence from the Japanese dictatorship. However, instead of an immediate rise in violence,

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