Jealousy And Its Effect On The Mind And Body

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Jealousy is an ongoing trait that every individual shares worldwide. To sum up the definition of jealousy in a nutshell, it is the emotional state or feeling of being resentful. Most human beings at one point in their life have felt some form of jealousy towards someone or something. There are many distinctive styles of jealousy regarding different situations. However, this makes people curious on how to discover the issues and findings of jealously and how it can affect the mind and the body. Of course many individuals might not know what jealousy reveals, but there are two types of jealousy. Jealousy can either be healthy or unhealthy. Healthy jealousy is a means of guarding territory, which comes from a genuine care when being in a relationship. On the other hand, unhealthy jealousy demonstrates itself through lies, threats, self-pity, and feelings of inadequacy, inferiority and insecurity. The good kind of jealousy that is healthy jealousy, guards the heart of marriage because it shows your commitment to the relationship. Jealousy also protects people’s marriages or relationships by safeguarding the bond against evil attacks. It even helps you comfort major threats to your relationship and lead them off before they become a major problem. As it states in the bible, God accepts individuals to respect their spouses or loved ones jealousy opinion, which means when there is a warning ahead, you need to listen to your partner. For example, wives, girlfriends, husbands,

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