Jean Antoine Laurent Lavoisier And The Kings Of France

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Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier was born in Paris, France, August 26, 1743. Lavoisier’s parents, Jean-Antoine Lavoisier, a lawyer, and Emilie Punctis, belonged to a rich and influential family. Lavoisier’s father was also a member of the prestigious Order of Barristers. Lavoisier’s family had been of service to the kings of France. Lavoisier’s had one sibling, her name was Marie Marguerite Emilie. She was born in 1745. Lavoisier’s sister died at the age of fifteen. Their mother died when Lavoisier was only 5 years old and Marie was only 3 years old. Lavoisier inherited a lot of his Mother 's money, when she died, which also made him very wealthy. Their Father never remarried, after his wife’s death. After Lavoisier’s and Marie 's mother died they spent the majority of their life living with their Aunt, Mlle Constance Punctis. Mlle Constance Punctis ensured Lavoisier had a good education. In 1763, Lavoisier received his bachelor’s degree and in 1764 he practiced his profession. Lavoisier wanted to be a writer, and he won several awards for his compositions in French, Latin and Greek. He pursued a law degree to please his father but, Lavoisier realized that his true passion was science, so he attended the College of four nations or also known as College Mazarin, which was named after the founder, Cardinal Mazarin. It was founded through by Cardinal Mazarin. Lavoisier studied math, astronomy, chemistry, and botany in college. He received recognition in botany, in geology and

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