Jean Baptiste Lamarck And Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Inheritance Of Acquired Characteristics

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Trends in Evolution
Background information: Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and Charles Darwin both thought and had ideas on how life on Earth got to be the way it is now. Unlike lots other people at that time (1800’s), they both thought that life had changed gradually over many years and an extended time and was still changing, that living things change to be better suited and adapted to their environments. Lamarck is best known for his Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics. He said that change is made by what the organisms want or need. For example, Lamarck believed that giraffes stretched their necks to reach food. Their descendants and later generations inherited the resulting long necks. Lamarck also believed that evolution happens according to a prearranged plan and that the results have already been decided. (NECSI, 2012). Darwin, on the other hand said that organisms are all different and that those which happen to have variations that help them to survive in their environments survive and have more offspring. The offspring are born with their parents ' helpful traits, and as they reproduce, individuals with that trait make up more of the population. Other individuals, that are not so well altered, die off. Darwin also believed that evolution does not happen according to any sort of plan.
We now know that there are four basic parts by which biological evolution takes place. These include mutation, migration, genetic drift, and natural selection. Each of these

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