Jean Jacque Rousseau 's Theory Of A Social Contract

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Jean Jacque Rousseau was one of the most controversial philosophers from 1712-1778. The first to speak explicitly of human rights. He was a Swiss philosopher who was influenced by the French revolution. He believed that people basically everyone is good but it 's society that corrupts them to do wrong. Each philosopher had their own ideal world, and his was to have people make laws and obey them. However, Rousseau has a different opinion on the theory of a social contract but also did help develop the theory. He believed that people were naturally good but were corrupted by society that was lead to inequalities of people and this would cause war, hate and crime against each other. The only thing that matters is the will of people. Today, Rousseau is looked as a champion of democracy for his idea that political authority lies with the people. He has also influenced political and social change for the last two hundred years and it’s believed that his ideas will encourage revolutions for the next centuries. On the other hand also his ideas of political authority the “general will” has been used by dictators in the past. Rousseau’s social contract theory, based on Thomas Hobbes and John Locke would be one of the foundations of modern democracy.
Rousseau’s contribution influence the writers of the United States Constitution as well as the leaders of French Revolution. “Man is born free, and he is everywhere in chains.” Meaning that human being are corrupted by society, all…
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