Jean-Louis Lemoyne

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Breck, Joseph. (1920) French Durative Art and Sculpture of Eighteenth Century. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, 15(6), 132-136. This journal article is about the styles within the French court during the reigns of King Louis XIV and King Louis XV. This article should provide information to the climate and desired styles that would influenced Jean-Louis Lemoyne. Jean-Louis Lemoyne worked under both King Louis XIV and King Louis XV. This journal article goes over decorative art and has a section on busts. Jaques-Rolland Moreau the subject of the bust clearly has fashioned in mind. His hair and clothing (however limited) indicates a hyper awareness to style. This article should help me write a foundation for the style of the French courts during Jean-Louis Lemoyne’s time.
Levey, Michael, (1993). Painting and Sculpture in France 1700-1789, New Haven: Yale University Press. This book focuses on painting and sculpture styles and methods in France between 1700-1789. The sculpture I chose; Jaques-Rolland Moreau was completed in the year 1712 in France. The French sculptor of the bust, Jean-Louis Lemoyne (1665-1755) is specifically mentioned within the book. The author of the book Michael Levey has written …show more content…

Both French artists from the same time period. The article will hopefully pick up details about Jean-Louis Lemoyne’s style. The comparison should tell me whether his style especially stood out or fell short in some ways. This article also mentions Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne who was Jean-Louis Lemoyne’s son. Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne became one of King Louis XV’s court artists. Information on Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne’s art may give further information to his father’s work. By comparing what Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne learned and deviated from his father. I read through this article and it is well written and contains a few gems that are

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