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They stopped at the corner of Broad and Meeting Streets to finish their conversation and for a formal introduction to Jeanette’s future husband. Who along with his friend, had walked ahead and were waiting at the corner. He in turn introduced the young man waiting with him as Thomas Jackson, his best man. Thomas spoke that he was glad to meet everyone and then he and Jeanette’s fiancé stepped back to let the women converse.
Trying to be polite and chat with Jeanette, although the girl had never interested her before - she was shy and painfully plain, Allie wondered how she even snagged a husband, especially one as handsome as the young merchant. The conversation was dull and completely one-sided. Getting a response out of Jeanette was like …show more content…

Her face flushed with embarrassment and she quickly turned away, determined to fight the urge to look at them again; and although it was hard, she did not look either in the eye again.
She was relieved when her mother finally finished talking to Mrs. Ingalls and they were once again walking toward the textile shop. She could feel the intensity of eyes boring into her back, but she kept walking without as much as a nod back in their direction. She knew she was not being polite but she did not want to be embarrassed again.
Following her mother into the textile shop, Allie snuck a quick peek in their direction. Jeanette, her fiancé, and her mother had turned and were walking toward Jemison’s; Thomas Jackson was standing there staring directly at her. When he saw her looking his way, he smiled and nodded his head in her direction. Their eyes met, and in that instant, something passed between them. She felt it, although she was not exactly sure what it was. That was when she noticed the crinkles around the corners of his eyes and how beautiful his smile was. He wore his long, blondish hair tied at the nape of his neck with a ribbon. Even from a distance, the color of his eyes was vibrant. The color of them reminded her of the Spanish moss that hung from the oaks and junipers near the pond when the late afternoon sun shone on it.
“That’s a nice looking young man.” Her mother’s voice surprised her and she turned quickly and

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