What Is A Story In The Story Chapter 1

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Three As they walked to where Thomas Jackson stood after descending the stairs, Allie watched his eyes. You could usually tell a lot about a person from their eyes. Had she not heard someone say that the eyes were the windows to the soul -- but of course, she had also heard someone else say they were but the reflection of the world around them? Although Allie felt Thomas was attracted to her, and that his smile earlier that day was truly genuine - doubts crept into her thoughts. He may not feel anything at seeing me. Was his smile for her or them; Allie felt disappointment at her own thoughts. “Thomas, I’d like for you to meet my beautiful cousin, Allie Maples. Allie, this is my friend, Thomas Jackson. But, you did say y’all met this…show more content…
During a lull in their conversation, Allie turned and asked, “Where are you from, Mister Jackson? Were you born here in Charleston?” “Aw, no ma’am, I am originally from upstate New York. However, I have been living here in the Carolinas and roundabouts for fifteen years. So, I have tried to settle into the Southern way of talking y’all have,” he said, smiling. “You’ve done quite well with it too, hasn’t he Allie,” said Eli. “I’ll bet Allie would’ve never known you were a Yankee if you hadn’t told her.” Other than Charles Phillips’ overseer, a thin, pallid man she’d only seen from a distance, Allie had never seen a real live Yankee much less talked to one, at least not that she was aware of, and certainly had never been this close to one before. The dreaded Yankees she had heard about her entire life and caused dread to settle in the pit of her stomach when mentioned were actually no different from her. Even the word did not sound quite as bad as it had before when she repeated it in her mind. Before that day, Allie had never heard the word Yankee without the word damn in front of it nor without it causing her to feel sick to her stomach. She had never heard anything good said about a Yankee. No one else must know he is a Yankee, thought Allie. “Your first time meeting a Yankee,” asked Thomas with a grin. “Is it that obvious?” “Yes, it is. You look as though you think we pounce on young maidens and strip them of their virginity. I

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