Jeans Are A Modern Staple Of Everyone 's Closet

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Jeans are a modern staple in everyone 's closet. They are versatile and look great on everyone, if you have the perfect pair. Not all jeans cater to everyone 's needs; you must find your preferred jean brand. Jeans are an article of clothing I invest in, much like many other people. I suffered through ill-fitting jean all throughout middle school, until I was enlightened. My sister took me to American Eagle picked out a pair for me to try on. I could immediately feel and see the quality difference. The jeans didn’t even feel like the inelastic and inflexible jeans I was forced to wear throughout my childhood. American Eagle Jeans had set a new standard for me. They offer an extensive variety in styles, washes, and sizes. The only small flaw is their retail pricing, but it is certainly worth the investment. American Eagle jeans are made out of a premium cotton denim material called “Cotton Elastane” and top of the line dyes. Cotton Elastane is breathable, elastic, flexible, and comfortable. This ninety nine percent cotton one percent elastane blend of fabrics is what sets American Eagle Jeans from other jean brands that produce a product that is stiff, unbreathable, uncomfortable, and restrictive. This premium material is extremely durable, withstanding multiple washes and wears with no signs of weakening. Through all of the washes and wears they still manage to keep their elasticity. Other jeans I have had would lose their original shape, color and fit after just a

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