Jem Finch Climax

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In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, the author Harper Lee conveys that being different can lead to being brave. In the book there are many events that led up to the main climax. The story takes place in a small town in Alabama named Maycomb, where there may be the strangest characters anyone could think of. Jean Louise Finch but also known as “Scout” is taking place as the narrator, Jem Finch as her brother, and Atticus Finch who is an outstanding lawyer with high morals, are all the main characters of the impacting novel. When the story begins, there is a hard impact of a strange character that everyone seem to be interested in, this character is the infamous Boo Radley from the Radley place. The children, Scout, Jem, and a new…show more content…
Atticus has been asked to be lawyer of his case as he is the only one compatible to do so, and a new journey begins. The trial had involved rape and abuse along with lying under the oath of honesty. The trial was very hard to the point where the jury had decided that Tom Robinson was guilty even if the facts and logic were as clear as day that it could hurt someone’s eyesight, but the word of a black man could never be trusted against a white woman’s. It was surprising for the folks of Maycomb that the Ewell’s, also known as “trash” in the county of Maycomb could have won the case. It was even more unexpected that even after the astonishing and realistic speech from Atticus about equality and rationality the case was denied. Even after having the chance to actually turn the tables, Tom was killed with seventeen merciless bullets. An unexpected visit has come before all of the trial had happened and the name of the new character is Aunt Alexandra, the sister of Atticus Finch. As soon as she came she had tried to shape and change the already stable family in the traditional Finch’s. Although she does this, she’s quite one of the most extraordinary strong woman in this
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