Jem Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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Jem Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird “To kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee is set a small town called Maycomb in Alabama, in the 1930s. The community of Maycomb is of mixed ethnicity and like most places of that time the white people believe they were the dominant race. The book is seen through the eyes of two children: Jem and Scout Finch who are growing up in this society. As Jem gets older he becomes conscious of the fact that this community and these adults who surround him are not always right and this makes him feel lost. Jem is older than Scout and clearly remembers his mother. His sensitive nature makes him more aware of her death and he misses her. When Jem meets Dill he analyses him, like most children and accepts …show more content…

After making fun of Mr Avery by making a snowman replica of him on the day of the fire the children feel guilty when he saves miss Maudie’s furniture and they realize it isn’t what you look like on the outside when it comes to peoples values it’s what you’re like on the inside and in a difficult situation. Jem persists in complaining about Atticus not being like a Father should be so doing what all the other contemporaries’ Dads did, for example drinking, playing football etc. Miss Maudie tries to make Jem realize Atticuss worth she says ‘he make someone’s will air tight’ but he cannot be convinced. Subsequently Atticus shoots Tim Johnson, the dog with rabies with a perfect shot, Jem is astonished and in complete awe of his Father and doesn’t protest about Atticus again. It is a fundamental time that the children earn this respect of Atticus because these are the crucial days before the trial and other people’s opinions of Atticus are minimal at this point. Jem learns another lesson when he goes to black church with Calpurnia, he regards black people to be inferior to the white this is because of the environment he has grown up in (school etc), and so assumes that they are of no value. Therefore when Zeebo- the rubbish collector sings with a beautiful voice in front of an

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