Jenna Uzdarwin. 1/30/17. Animal Harm By Pollution: Jenna

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Jenna Uzdarwin
Animal Harm by Pollution: Jenna (Sea/Land Animals)
It is known today that 60% of the plastics being dumped into bodies of water get ingested by animals in the oceans (Center for Biological Diversity, Humans use plastics everyday, but what we don’t realize is that after recycling our bottles, they end up being dumped into our oceans where ocean life mistakes a plastic bag for a jelly fish. Today plastics can be one of the main causes of intestinal blockage which ends up clogging the animal 's stomach, not allowing them to digest any kinds of food eventually dying off (Macklin, 2015). Although there is no way that all researchers will be able to prevent …show more content… 2017. Conserve Energy Future, Inc. 13 January, 2017.
Macklin, Malorie. 2015. One Green Planet Co. 19 August, 2015

Chemical compounds that are commonly heard of today such as BPA (bisphenol A) is a toxic compound found mostly in plastics and then are dumped into oceans that begin to poison our waters where humans, but mostly animals drink and ingest through the nose. (Barry, 2009). Another toxic chemical such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) can be harmful to animals on land and in sea can leak from plastic water bottles. This intoxicates the water where animals drink and swim, causing them to grow ill and maybe even die. (Breast Cancer Fund, By eliminating much of the plastics consumption that ends up in the oceans, we will prevent animals and humans also from being affected by the harmful chemicals being produced.

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