Jessica Lang Dance Concert Report

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Jessica Lang Dance’s concert showed at the Irvine Barclay Theater on February 19, 2016 was successfully launched with stunning exhibitions in one night. For my specific concert, it was held on the second floor at entryway number five. As I was expected, the stage was fairly small, and has two levels incorporate the lower and upper (balcony), in the mean time of looking at the stage, the concert began right about five minutes later. The main scene of an opening performance was a male dressed in tight clothing, the dance is called Solo Bach. With the blissful music and splendid stage, the artist conveys the audience to an appreciated mindset with his spectacular opening. The movements are not so complicated, rather simple and delicate as he proceeds throughout the entire performance. At every end of each display, there was a small break between each showing. Among The Stars carrying out with a stunning gray prop attached to the costume of the female dancer. Starring in a duet dance, couple ballet wearing dark ensembles composed by Elena Comendado. As the female dancer appears on the stage, a diminished light spot on the movements and steps of the dancer; she…show more content…
Dancers were dressed in khaki green costumes designed by Bradon McDonald, as well as their outfits, lighting and foundation featuring the same shading all throughout the entire show. Nonetheless, the lighting changes to darker and lighter shades in view of the music by a classical violin of Ludwig van Beethoven. Such sorrow sentiments lead to the streams movement of the body as dancers collaborate with ballet steps, grabbing or crawling to one another, meanwhile, the playful violin sounds move into more enthusiastic as dancers tapping and jumping on the floor triumphantly. This particular dance was unusual, subsequently, finishing up with the same move at the very beginning of the
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