Jesus Christ : The Critics Of The Bible

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Scholars have criticized the Bible more than any book in history. This criticism is unfounded and based more on the individual’s personal views instead of historical fact. There are many issues critics of the Bible try to highlight to support their positions.

Some critics have argued that the individuals who Christians believe to be the authors of the New Testament could not have written it. Others argue that the stories are just legends. The most unbelievable statement made by some critics is that Jesus Christ was not a real person.

In recent years, historical documents and research have debunked many of those critics. The reality is that there is much more historical evidence for Biblical events than there is for many of the events in the ancient world. Many documents from the ancient world mention the existence of Jesus Christ and events of the early church.

Christians believe the Bible to be the Word of God and that the New Testament in particular is the guidebook for the church. The central figure of the Bible is Jesus Christ. The New Testament records His teachings from His earthly ministry and the beginnings of the church He founded. In researching a study on the history of the New Testament, we first must consider historical evidence concerning the primary subject of the New Testament, Jesus Christ.

Many historical sources mention Jesus Christ and early Christians. Individuals who opposed Christianity often wrote those sources, which establish Christ as a real

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