Jesus ' Origins Of The Christian Faith

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Beginning with an example of my problem in Jesus’ origins: it is universally accepted in the historical field that Jesus had siblings. An example of source text on this issue would be Mark 6: 1-6. All but one mainstream scholar would suggest that these are true siblings of Jesus, is in to say that they were born of both Mary and Joseph and were either older or younger siblings, or both.8

This of course is not compatible with the Catholic faith. To affirm older siblings of Jesus would be to deny both the Virgin birth and the perpetual virginity of Mary; to affirm younger siblings of Jesus would be to deny the perpetual virginity of Mary only. Both of these options contradict dogmatic pronouncements of the Catholic faith.

Richard Bauckham, the one mainstream scholar who denies this approach, offers a different one, though for various reasons it is not an accepted theory in the historical field. He offers the explanation widely found in Eastern Christianity, that Jesus’ siblings were children of Joseph from a previous marriage. This solves the problem of the virginity of Mary, but still has problems in Catholicism.
The Catholic tradition of the “brothers and sisters of Jesus” is that they are relatives like cousins but not actual siblings and that their mother was actually a disciple of Jesus, meaning Joseph would have to be divorced for this to work, a rather uncomfortable though in Catholic theology. Acceptance of Bauckham’s proposal from a Catholic perspective all of

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