The Genealogy of Jesus Christ

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Matthew and Luke used diverging perspective when discussing Jesus' genealogy and this generated much controversy in the Christian world. While Matthew focused on discussing in regard to genealogy from Jesus to Abraham, Luke concentrated on relating to it from Jesus to Adam. Even with this, both individuals provided the same account when considering the lineage lasting from Abraham to David. One of the most intriguing concepts pointing toward the belief that the two religious individuals actually discuss different genealogies is the fact that Matthew claims that Joseph's father is Jacob while Luke says that Joseph's father is Heli. Also, even with the fact that both trace the genealogy through David, Matthew does so by using Solomon while Luke does so by relating to Nathan. Many have a tendency to consider that many divergences between Matthew's genealogy and Luke's are owed to the fact that the Bible contains a lot of errors. It is difficult to determine if this is, in fact, true, taking into account that individuals editing it through the years have been renowned for their meticulousness. One of the easiest methods of trying to understand why Matthew and Luke provide different accounts concerning the genealogy would be to take into account that the former focuses on direct lineage while the latter considers the concept of levirate marriage. This idea relates to how if a man dies without having any male children, it is customary for the respective individual's brother to
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